Hello, SteamGifters!

I have a friendly support request for you all. Rule breakers get away when nobody checks or reports them. Please check your winners for rule violations before sending your gifts and support will take care of any issues that you flag. SGTools is a great way to do that but it is by no means required! This script helps a lot in streamlining the process.

Help keep SG more fair for everyone!

Also, as a reminder to everyone:

When should I mark a gift I won as "Received" or "Not Received"?

You should only mark a gift as "Received" when you have both (i) received the exact game described in the giveaway, and (ii) activated that game on the Steam account you used during registration. In all other instances you should mark the gift as "Not Received" one week after the giveaway has ended.

What should I do if I win a game more than once, or if I win a game that I already purchased?

When this occurs, you should contact the giveaway creator and inform them you will not be accepting or redeeming the gift. Explain the situation, and ask the giveaway creator to request a new giveaway winner. During this process you should not mark the gift as "Received", or reveal the key if the option is available. This will help inform us that you are not accepting the gift, and it will prevent you from being suspended for not activating a gift you won. Once the ticket from the giveaway creator is approved for a new winner, the win will be removed from your profile.



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Hello Gaffi,
You may have neglected to send the key / gift link.
If it's a gift through Steam, I sent you a friend invite.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a nice weekend!

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